upper radiator hose on 1999 BMW 540i

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my upper hose is a moled hose with plastic quick connect on all 3 ends i am having trouble removing the ends once the retaining clips are removed do i need a special tool?
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No special tools are needed, just pull back on the clips, they will slide out than will click into an 'open' position, but you can even pull it out all the way, but it's not necessary.
Now comes the hard part. You need to wiggle and twist it for a while, they won't come off easy. Sometimes it helps to use penetrating fluid, but not much of an access to spray it under the plastic part.
I also find it to helpful if we wiggle the connectors while the coolant is still in the radiator because it can lubricate the O rings a bit. You can do this only when the radiator is cooled down, otherwise you can seriously burn yourself.
There is something else I'd suggest. On these cars there is a common issue with the electrical thermostat. They tend to fail and coolant will absorbs through the thermostat wiring harness all the way up and damage the DME (engine computer). I'd ask a BMW tech to check the DME and the harness before a very expensive problem occurs.
Use the OE BMW coolant which has a bluish color and nothing else. If there was any other coolant in the system, flush it out well - including the heater core- and replace it with the OE coolant.