Upon starting my 02 ford windstar this morning it was running rough in idle on 2001 Ford Windstar

As I drove it around the block the check engine light came on and was blinking, when I got to a steady speed the light just stayed on but stopped blinking, then when I came to a slow down the roughness started up and the light started to blink again. Would it be safe to drive? Thanks for the help

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Tune seemed to do the trick. 1st changed the plugs and wires, still ran alittle rough, decided to change the coil per other advice on this site. It made the difference. Changed the Air and Fuel filters as well. I had the codes P0171 and P0174, most people I spoke with said start with the vacuum lines, then the intake gaskets also replace the isolator bushings is a must. Hope it works out... Thank you for the help
Good deal.
We try and sometimes it helps.
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have codes scanned...blinking light may cause catalytic damage...
need to be scanned for codes, if its blinking do not drive the van to prevent more damage to your engine
Thanks for the help, I am leaving it parked for now, and will get the code(s) read. I did remember I put gas in the night before,then drop someone off @ 10 miles away it was running fine still, just the morning after when I started it running rough. But as it goes, I rather be safe then sorry in the long run.