upon acceration car does not seem to have much power on 2001 Chevrolet Lumina

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on mail route after about 40 miles of stopping and accerating from a mailbox my car
seems to chuggle just not move right. but if I turn the key off and restart the car it runs fine for maybe 15 min. Then it does it again. The car drive fine under normal driving conditions without all the stopping. I use it to drive to work every day with no problem. Could this be a speed sensor. No codes show up. cat. converter seems Ok. This only happens if I use it on my mail route after the 40 or so miles. CHECK ENGINE LIGHT NEVER COMES ON
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Do you ever have a Check Engine Light come on or a Service Engine Soon light?

if so, this my help you with your lack of power problem
no the check engine light never comes on. One guy thought it might be the clutch in my automatic transmission, but the transmission shifts fine under normal driving.