Mazda Mazda6 Problem Report

Mazda Mazda6 Stalling Under Light Acceleration

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Some models may have a problem with stalling under light acceleration. Updated software for the powertrain control module (PCM) is available which may help with this concern.

My car stalled as I was approaching a stoplight at about 10 mph. I had just started to accelerate through the light when my dashboard lights came on, the engine stalled, and my power steering and brakes went out. The car started right up again. I went to a Mazda dealership in Ft. Wayne, IN, who could find nothing wrong when scanning the computer. I drove to Michigan and back to Ohio, with no more occurrences. I had the car checked again by my Mazda dealership in Beavercreek, OH. They couldn't find a problem, either. This has just happened the one time, so far. I will update this after checking out this update. -
Not all the time but getting more intense with the summer heat that when we stop at a light the car will try to stall and start shaking, I have to rev the engine to get it to stop doing it -
When accelerating the takeoff is horrible even with changing lanes the stall almost caused an accident -
Sometimes when I want to go and hit the gas it takes a minute to kick in; then I take off alot faster than I intended to. -
Después de encendido 45 minutos después empieza con inestabilidad de rilaten y en el scaner el código es P0300 -
My car has been having issues at startup and then initially not wanting to accelerate. It lightly jerks like its not getting steady gas flow. Took it to a friends shop and he could get it started by banging on the gastank under the car. He replaced my fuel pump for me but its still having issues. My check engine light didn't come on until after the new fuel pump. Read the codes: P-2177(Fuel system too lean at off idle) and 2187( Fuel system too lean at idle) he said it may be the fuel injectors but reading through the manual it looks like the PCM is the culprit. -
My engine seems to get bogged down on takeoffs. I thought changing the spark plugs would help, but to no avail. This is most likely the issue. -
Upon acceleration the car would hesitate. I took it to get fixed and they stated it was ignition coil and needed a tune up. It did seem to fix the problem, however they also mentioned that it came back with a code to replace the knock sensor. -
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