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Kia Sedona Updated Timing Chain Tensioner to Correct Noise on Startup

Kia Sedona Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Engines Affected: 3.5L V6, 3.8L V6

Average Mileage: 84,603 mi (16,000 mi - 173,845 mi)


If the engine is excessively noisy on startup (after the engine has been off for several hours) and the noise lasts more than four or five seconds, turn off the engine and check for correct engine oil level. If the oil level is correct, the noise may be caused by the timing chain tensioner. Kia released an updated timing chain tensioner to solve this problem.

  • Visitor, , 3.8L V6, 65,605 mi

    I think Kia should be required to fix this problem regardless of warranty coverage. It is a problem they have admitted to by releasing a new tensioner to fix it

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L V6, 62,000 mi

    Had the fan belt replaced some months ago. When starting the engine all is OK. but when I put the auto in drive or reverse there is a rumbling noise until I accelerate slightly. After driving a short distance or a warm up of five minutes or so, the noise is gone. I suspect the belt material itself is making the noise until it is sufficiently warmed up and more pliable. Is this a reasonable diagnosis? Or is there a known cause?

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L V6, 60,000 mi

    Excessive noise on startup when cold then goes away after the car is warmed up. Noise is increased when put in drive or when heater fan is running.

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  • Visitor, , 99,000 mi

    Rattling noise upon cold start which lasted until engine warmed up. Took to KIA. They finally decided to replace timing chain tensioner.

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  • Visitor, , 111,374 mi

    noise coming from pulley tensionner

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  • Visitor, , 93,000 mi

    knocking on start up that lasts only a few seconds and is louder the colder the engine is..if turned off and back on engine does not make the noise only after its been off for a little while..

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  • swimmar, , 20,000 mi

    Our timing chain broke at JUST under 50,000km, 2 years old. Initially, the engine was making a strange noise on startup that would go away and sometimes return on acceleration. No warning lights came on. Within a week, the timing chain broke and the motor blew apart. We have been waiting for a week now to hear from KIA whether they are going to honor the warranty. I'm pretty choked that a 2-year-old motor could blow apart like that - let alone that a timing chain can blow apart like that - let alone the fact that NO warning lights came on - AND, a military mechanic who stopped to try to help us with his service vehicle tried to use the code reader on the van, and NOTHING came up. Now they are suggesting that a short lag in an oil change from a YEAR ago may void the warranty. REALLY, KIA? Hope you come through on that warranty...

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L V6, 61,000 mi

    Dealership said 14.0 hours of labor and $1240.00 to fix, which will avoid wearing ou the guides.

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  • Visitor, , 79,650 mi

    We have had the noisy timing tensioner issue for about 18 months now. Yesterday, my wife was driving the car home and the engine locked up. The dealership confirmed today that there are metal fragments in the oil filter and in the oil. Luckily, we have 2 warranties on the vehicle so it should be taken care of, but now we're unsure of what we should expect. The dealership says that it could take a few weeks, especially with the holidays before they can get an engine in to replace it. Even still, we're not really feeling confident that the van can reliable after this is done. And, it doesn't help that we have the new car fever for the new 2015 model which had a timing belt instead of timing chain. So, now we're unsure what we can expect, should or should not ask for and/or how to proceed from here. To this point, they are not paying for our rental or the tow bill to the dealership. I would start going through the warranty to find the fine print, but that is all in possession of the dealership as they required all documentation on the van in order to process the warranty service.

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L V6

    loud whistling sound from left side by tensioner during startup and rainy days due to the humidity. beginning to last longer.

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