Updated Control Module to Correct False Check Engine Light on Kia Rio

Due to a problem with the automatic transmission control computer, you may experience erroneous Check Engine Light illumination; an updated control module is available.

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Average mileage: 110,083 (8,000–180,000)
5 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, more2009
16 people reported this problem
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problem details
2001 Kia Rio 80,000 mi,
I too have a check engine light that constantly comes on, and when you take it to the shop it says that nothing is wrong.
2003 Kia Rio 111,747 mi,
First time check engine light came on I replaced a oxygen sensor, the one above catalytic converter, the light went out. About 1000 miles later, the light came on again and it was for the knock sensor. I bought replacement knock sensor, but didn't install it because the light would go out for a good part of the day, then come back on later while I was driving. Since then I had the knock sensor replaced, but light was reset and later on that day came on. So far, this light has remained on. Is it a bad knock sensor or bad control module. HELP!
2002 Kia Rio 106,000 mi,
i will drive 25 to 65 miles and check engine light comes on.When the code is checked it comes up with different transmission codes the code that came up was P1780.the car starts and drives fine,starts in neutral and park fine.I can't get it inspected until this is resolved and i am not planning on replacing modules and sensor when it could be as simple as an update.a answer from an authority on the matter would be appreciated asap.thank you
2003 Kia Rio 8,000 mi,
I have changed my mass air sensor and my knock sensor and my check engine light still comes on and reads that they need to be changed . They said that my computer is not reading them .
2009 Kia Rio 180,000 mi,
Two-part story here: A couple weeks ago, my 2009 Kia Rio5 had the CEL come on while I was on the freeway, and the car ran rough for a few seconds. Then, things smoothed out (with light still on) and I continued to my destination. When I started the car for my return, the CEL went off after startup just like all was normal, and the car ran perfectly all the way home. Next day, I took the car in for the 180k services, and the mechanic checked the codes, finding "no code stored". So, he cleared it and everything was fine. Then last night, the car was still running perfectly, but the CEL came on just as I got home. Took it to the same trusted independent mechanic and he checked the codes... No code stored. I was watching; he tried it with car running, not running, restarted car with tester connected, all those tricks... nothing found a code. Cleared the code, and I'm just waiting for the next time the CEL comes on. Unless I hear something different here, I'll have to try a Kia dealer if the light ever comes back on.
i have change plugs 3 times, timing belt, water pump, wires, alternator, knock sensor, new battery, and my check engine light still comes on, and when i change plugs again it will go off, but then it will come right back on. so what do i do?
2001 Kia Rio 140,000 mi,
Just bought first Rio and it had light on. Seller said it was oxygen sensor but had checked out and scan showed it as camshaft sensor and velocity sensor BUT it turned out it was ALL in faulty electrical wiring...split wires. Took ages to find but repairing fixed problems!!! Fingers crossed...light not on just now!!! Just tug on those wires on left of engine and see if that makes engine splutter. You might also find engine stalls particularly when shifting down to 2nd.
bought the car, had to replace the crank shaft and cam shaft sensors, had some other minor work but over all the car has treated me well. I did notice about 30 miles from the garage, my check engine light came on. I bought the car used and there were visible dents and dings, including near the gas cap, I assumed it was a result of something silly like that. I have driven the car another 10,000 miles and other than an oil change and new tires, everything has been fine until recently. I smell exhaust fumes coming up through my vent, I'm assuming it would be a hole or crack in the front exhaust pipe, I'm wondering if this has been an issue for anyone else? im around 85000 miles.