update to lost power at 50 on 1998 Buick Skylark

drove skylark when wife got home, accelerates fine til about 30mph, then cuts out, misses,won't take any more gas with more acceleration, have to back off a few seconds, then ease into it with gas pedal. Still want go past 30-40mph. 0-30mph runs normal. when we bought it 2 days ago, check engine light was already on. Guess I better hook it up to a code reader, huh?

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Yes, pull the codes and post it so we can give you a better informed answer.
The wiring to the OBD connector is the same on every vehicle, you can find a wiring schematic by going here:
Check the power and ground, you may have a blown fuse.
Good Luck
10-4, lawrenceg, took it to autozone and advanced auto and they couldn't even get a response on their code reader's because now I HAVE A FAULTY PLUG IN SOURCE, "when it rains it pours". Taking it to a friends and see if we can't fix the plug tomorrow. Thanks for your response!