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Hello, Thanks so much for your advice, it made me feel not alone.I took your suggestion and went to Autozone today and these were the results,BB1,BBfuel pressure,BB2,BB3 or BB4,The sales guy, stated It could be the oxygen sensor,it could be clogged? he stated that I could try a bottle of injection cleaner, to see if it clears it up, and if not it may need to be replaced.I have done nothing, until I speak with you guys.Please advise me. Thanks so very much.

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Hello , what is the exact code they are getting out of the computer , it should start with a p // like p0172 for example... if you can give me this information , i can help you alot better,, however i can tell you that there is nothing you can pour into your gas tank that will make your problem go away.. also be carefull of what you do pour into your gas tank , because of the fact that your fuel pump will have to deliver the chemical to the engine.. the fuel pump has rubber orings and such , and the chmical may damage the fuel pump resulting in more problems
Monitor Long Fuel Trim (LFT) and Short Fuel Trim (SFT) on scan tool data. The code P0171 will set if the sum of the fuel trims exceeds 10%.

2. If the fuel trims are high at idle, monitor SFT and spray carburetor cleaner around the intake while observing SFT. The SFT will drop to negative numbers when the carburetor cleaner hits the vacuum leak. Service the vacuum leak as necessary.

3. If there is no leak found, check for the wrong PCV valve. The PCV is a calibrated vacuum leak and if the wrong PCV is installed, the PCM may interpret it as a vacuum leak.
Potential Causes: Leaking Intake Manifold Vacuum
PCV Valve

hlecheck the p. c .v hose on this vehic
I'm sorry the code was P0171