unusual acceleration problems on 2008 Suzuki SX4

Car accelerated ,reved up and sped forward at a fast rate without my foot on the accelerator. Has anyone had similiar issues? Ours is a 2008 SX4.Would appreciate any input and how you were able to resolve the problem.

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Go to a shop ASAP and have the electronic throttle controls inspected and repaired ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here are some shops:
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First off, do you have cruise control? Did you inadvertently turn it on? Secondly, were your floor mats in the correct place? I have had this happen too me on many small Japanese vehicles, and 9 out of 10 times, it was my size 12 feet and big boots that where the problem (Hit the brake and gas at same time!), once in a Samurai, it was a floor mat issue, once in a Chevy Beretta it was an accidental cruise control engagement (My sausage fingers caused it)
This happened to me today--scared the heck out of me....going to call dealer tomorrow.