universal Catalytic Converter? on 1997 Audi A4

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i own a audi a4 fwd 2.8l 133000 miles on it no check engine lights im noticing a power loss and a slight noise coming from exhaust/engine workings under the passenger side im starting to think its the cat converter im kinda low on fundings and im wondering if i could weld on a magnaflow cat converter? and how much would the price range be for install of either the replacement stock part or the magnaflow universal
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Universal cats are not allowed here in California, check your local laws. Original equipment cats are always superior construction and last longer than universal cats but cost an arm and a leg. With the engine off get under the car and hit the cat converter with your hand (obviously not when its hot)see if it rattles. What ever caused the cat to fail make sure it is corrected or the new cat will not live long.