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Honda Accord Unevenly set camber may cause vehicle to drift to right

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The car may drift to the right because the camber (alignment setting) is set unevenly. A 4-wheel alignment will be needed to reset the camber angle.
I had this same problem. it is a service repair the subfram must be ajdjusted 1/8 of an inch. dealer alligned vehicle several tiems before I found the service order that describes to them how to fix this problem. it should be a reacall. -
I have a lifetime alignment service at Firestone. My Honda/Acura only shop suggests Firestone Alignments aren't as thorough as independent shops, not sure what to believe, but the Honda Accord 2004 V6 EX 6 speed stick has always pulled to the right for many years, the alignments at Firestone do help reduce it but it is still there. -
Pulls to right. Working on it. -
when the road camber goes to left steering is ok if the road cambers to the right the steering pulls in that direction. -
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