1992 Dodge Stealth Q&A

1992 Dodge Stealth Question: unable to start

car turns over but will not crank. I have replace the fuel regulator but still doing the same thing. If I spray fuel in the throttle body then I can get it running and will continue if I continue with the fuel. Not sure what to do to fix the problem -
Answer 1
will not crank??? you said it starts with spary, then it has to crank. could you clarify, please?? from the sounds of it, you may have a failed fuel pump. a shop can do a pressure test to determine the failure for you. Roy -
Comment 1
It does not start when I have the new fuel regulator or the old one hooked up however if i diconnect the last line from the regulator to the throttle body and physcially spray gas in the line then I can get the car to start. -