unable to shift into park after driving on 2007 Hyundai Sonata

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after driving approx 45 mi i could not get car to shift into park or reverse. only drive or neutral. had to put car in nuetral and have the emergency brake on to turn motor off. the gear shift would not go into the park or neutral position. i was out of town with my children and stopped at mc donalds however could not get them out of car due to not being able to park the car?
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Sounds like the brake/shift interlock has failed not allowing you to shift into park or reverse. Check the brakelights, if they don't work, check the 10 amp 'B/UP' fuse. It's possible that the brake light switch has failed if the lights don't work and the fuse is good. You could check that with a testlight or meter. if this isn't helpful, you need to se a Hyundai specialist or an auto elelctircla shop.
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