2003 Ford Mustang GT Q&A

2003 Ford Mustang GT Question: ugh my service engine light is on again somthing to do with emmisions

my gt sounds like some one is strangling her when im in gears 1-4 shes fine but when i get to gear 5 she sounds like shes getting way to much air or not enuf air does any else have this problem or a solution to it -
Answer 1
review when last tuned. run diagnostic. lookin for prob. with air/fuel mix. check intake hoses. could possibly prob. with cat. conv. diagnostic will confirm or dismiss. -
Answer 2
Any kind of mods. been done to air tube and air filter? "Sounds" like a problem you say but is it runninng ok? -
Comment 1
yea shes runing fine she will get up and go when i ned her to but sounds like shes being choked out when cruisin -
Answer 3
scan codes and post so we can adv -