Most of the time when I take off from a dead stop, there is a clunk noise from under the truck. Last year I had 1 u-joint replaced and it seemed to work fine, but now the sound is back. Is it possible that another u-joint has gone bad? I know the repair shop had a hard time finding a ujoint for the 2004 f150 supercrew and had to get some work done at another shop and it was quite pricey at around $300.

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first place i would go is the motor mounts. make sure they are good and not broken before going anywhere else.

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I had the same problem found out it was the rear axle. the axle bearing was shot and in the process destroyed the right axle i had them both done at the same time it was around $1100 hope this helps
This vehicle could have an issue at the extension housing of the transmission. The oil supply hole to lubricate the extension housing sometimes gets clogged, and then things get worn and loose back there. If this is bad, I can see where a U Joint could be condemned instead. Have this looked at first thing.