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2003 Land Rover Discovery Question: u joint

how much to replace u joint?a friend says its bad ang the transmission will fall like it did before ,i replaced the transmission a year ago and the problem is arising again .please help me noone wants to touch it.i need this vehicle ,im a single mom with a autistic child and i need to get to therapys...please help thanks -
Answer 1
The rear driveshaft U joint is a flex coupling , the labor to replace would be about an hour. I don't have a price for the part, (may be dealer only for the part). The front drive shaft has three u joints (mechanical traditional type joint). The front joints are about $30 each about .7 each to replace plus .5 hour to remove drive shaft. -
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thanks for responding..was curious could i bring it to your shop so u could take a look?im new and dont know where to go -
Answer 2
Maybe give this shop a call http://repairpal.com/bobby-likis-car-clinic they are in your area and have great reviews -
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thanks for responding..do they do u joint work?? -
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I sure they do as most shops do u-joints, But the best thing to do is to call them and tell them you found them on Repairpal.com and explain what the problem is to the best of your knowledge and bring it by their shop for a diagnoses. If it is a u-joint as Pat said its only 3/4 of an hour to replace one plus the u-joint $30 -
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thanks so much really appreciate the help... -
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Your welcome that's what we are here for. -
Answer 3
Front shafts on the Discovery II do not have grease fittings. Very common issue for a front u-joint to go and break causing the shaft to take out the trans. The solution is either getting u-joints with grease fittings or a new front shaft with grease fittings installed. They are available at many locations online for about $350 or so. Easy to install. Replacing the shaft with a factory replacement will cause the problem to reoccur eventually. -
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