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2003 Jaguar S-Type Question: Type Oil

I am currently using synthetic oil in my 03 Jaguar. I have a slight oil leak but have not had it diagnosed to determine if the leak is coming from the seal or gasket. Would it affect my engine if I stop using synthetic oil and just use regular oil? -
Answer 1
It wouldn't adversely affect your engine, unless you were no longer using the recommended grade of oil for your car. Changing the type of oil will not address the leak. -
Answer 2
It may not but is always good to use the recommended oil by the Manufacturer i would use a stop leak if the leak is small sometimes it works pretty well. -
Answer 3
I still have a 94 Saab 9000 which I always used synthetic. a couple of years ago it started leaking and Saab dealer used dye and cleaned engine-said I needed new head gasket. A Ford tech suggested I try mixing a couple of quarts of reg oil with the synthetic or use a blend. He said the flat platelike structure of syn oils which makes them great lubricants also makes it easy to leak out. I tried it and the leak stopped. Lots of people will ridicule this answer but I have the proof or lack thereof on my garage floor. try it and let me know if it works for you. I tried a stop leak before trying this - did nothing. -
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