Two of my accessary plugs don't work. on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

Two of my accessary plugs don't work. The third works fine. Are there fuses for each plug and if so where?

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I see fuse #41 under the hood for auxillary power points. I would think that the two are related to that fuse. However, power points can fail at the socket themselves when accessories plugged in cause an issue with power and ground. Inspect them closely as well.
thanks for your help. I looked under the hood for fuse #41. my fuses are not labled. would you know which one it is?
Looking down at the fuse box under the hood, you have 8 fuses lining the top left to right in a row.

Now that you are oriented correctly, you'll see two square relays below this line.
Then, you'll see two rows of horizontally laid out fuses, followed by some dead space below this.
Almost dead center of the fuse box, just below the dead space, are fuses 40 and 41. 41 is a 20 amp fuse.
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Mine is the same way only one plug works the one all the way to right toward passanger door if you are sitting in the drivers seat. Other two plugs don't work have tried the fuse thing it don't fix it. Crazy!