two front tires. on 1993 Honda Civic

why when i turn left or right i hear clicking noise from my two front tires?

by in Robersonville, NC on March 23, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on March 23, 2011
Clicking noise from the wheels on turns is a classic sign of CV Joint failure. The CV (constant velocity) joint is what allows your wheels to turn while accelerating or cruising. Click on that link to learn more about a CV axle and its joints. When boots get torn or dry rot, corrosion gets in and grease comes out...causing CV joint wear...which makes a clicking noise on turns. Have that inspected.
ANSWER by on March 23, 2011
It's likely that the front CV joints are worn. Look to see if the CV boots are ripped, it may be obvious by signs of grease thrown out around the inside of the wheel. If so the axle or axles need to be replaced.
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