Twice the engine light came on and was checked and repaired. on 2004 Hyundai XG350

The same shop checked the light and repaired and now it has come on for the 3rd time after just a few days of last repair. Am I being ripped off?

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Light on for the same thing? Are they charging you for every time they check it? What was or is the trouble with the vehicle?
1st time- $170 PO401 found plugged orfice in vac line to EGR valve, cleaned & replaced several vac lines & retested system.
2nd time- 127.50 check ignition, fuel & computer systems for operation & stored DTC's. DTC PO101 stored (Mass Air Flow Sensor Performance). Clean MAF Sensor and recheck operation. operating as designed..

3rd time have not taken it in again as of this time.
You can get a free scan test at AutoZone then post the results so we can advise before you take it to the shop.
May be something you can fix!
Will do. Thanks.
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It definitely does not look good for the repair shop.Sometimes there are subsequent failures when repairing a vehicle,meaning when you fix one problem another problem that was there before can show it's ugly face only after you have fixed the first thing.But 3 times does not sound right.
Thanks for your reply.