Turns over, won't fire on 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan

Van quit while running, cranks but won't fire. Changed spark plugs (yes, they are gapped correctly) and spark plug wires today - still getting no fire to the plug. Coil is fine, when main wire is off there is spark coming from the coil. my guess at this point is that i have a problem with the distributor cap itself. When the cap is off and engine is cranked, the rotor turns fine. Any ideas or suggestions? I also wanted to mention that we cleaned the contacts inside the dist. cap and it is moisture free. Another note is that the inside piece (not sure what that is called) it is a spring with a worn down metal like pin - could that be an issue if it is worn down too far? maybe that pin is not making contact the way it should due to be worn down?

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Try changing the Crankshaft Position sensor. Same thing happened to mine. I had new plugs, wires, coil, fuel pump, cam sensor, fuel reg, and fuel rails. one morning thing wouldn't start. Did a no start test and it ended up being the Crankshaft sensor. $40.00 at Autozone.
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If you have GOOD Spark from your coil TO your distributor and not out, then it is your cap and rotor. I mean blue/yellow snapping spark that will jump at least an 1/8-1/4 inch gap or more. Good Luck!