Turns over but wont start on 1995 Ford Explorer

I parked my truck for 10 minutes, went back to start it up, but it turns over but wont start. Checked to see if I heard the fuel pump engage and it did what else could be the problem?

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mine did the same thing. reset to pump on pass side lift carpet see if the red button is down. i played with mine and hit the tank and it started (read it on line) sat for 2 days testing everything else. seems weird 2 others i now had the same problem. no pump was replaced in any of our vehicles. no fuses. just taping the button and tank. good luck
My car dose the same thing its sat there for 2 weeks untill it started on its own i will try the sitch thing i didnt know about that and i will hit the gas pump as well im hoping it starts but i understand how wierd it seems to others
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Even if the fuel pump buzzes when you turn the key on, you could have low or no fuel pressure. I would suggest a fuel pressure check. Even checking your inertia switch to see if it needs depressed.

You could also have an ignition system issue. Need to check the basics and go from there.
check your fuel pump it is bad and while at it u r going 2 fix tht fix the fuel filter also