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1997 Honda Accord Question: Turn Signals work intermittently, stops working in colder weather



srh820, 2.7L V6, Steamboat Springs, CO, January 05, 2010, 21:16

A few weeks ago, when the temperatures would hardly get into double digits, my blinkers stopped working. The lights themselves were not flashing, as well as the in-dash signal. A few days after the problem started, and once the temperatures warmed up again, they started working again. Yesterday, while coming home at night, they stopped working again, but were okay this morning after I started driving a little. I know it's not a fuse, so does anyone know what it could be? The cold weather seems to be a factor.

Another note with my car, I've had electrical problems in the past. I had to get the ignition switch replaced (the car would spontaneously turn off while driving, without warning), and my air conditioning, stereo, and cigarette lighter all went out at the same time.

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    January 06, 2010, 12:31

    I would focus on the flasher relay. In many vehicles it is incorporated into the hazard light switch, and on others it is separate.

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