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1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Question: Turn signals wont work. All new fuses and bulbs. Hazards work ok.

My friends car has been having this problem for some time. I have just met him and his signals arent working. When we turn on the hazards they work, break lights work too and ll the bulbs and fuses are new. He replaced the arm off the column because he broke it out of frustration recently... but I can only figure out that a relays gone bad or theres a short/broken wire somewhere... any hints?? -
Answer 1
Does the signal light come on but doesn't blink? -
Comment 1
"Valleyautotech, December 16, 2009, 12:34 Does the signal light come on but doesn't blink?" No, does nothing. Break lights light up when stepping on the pedal, emergency flashers work. The switch does nothing though. -
Answer 2
The reason the singal is not working is because the flasher fuse is loose or need to be replace. I've sent my car to the dealer ship for that dianoses. The mechanic said he had to bang it in place. -
Answer 3
multifunction switch needs replacing.....i have had the same problem had it replaced at approx 22k and now at 50k it is doing the same thing...i have an 06' ram 1500.... -