turn signals & emergency flashers not working-fuse is ok on 1998 Toyota Corolla

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turn signals and emergency flashers will not work-fuse is ok-repair shop said emergency flasher relay is bad-can't find the relay
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where is the flasher relay at
If they diagnosed it, you should try replacing the relay. This will cause this problem you describe, so it's worth a shot.
where is the relay located
I need to put a flasher fuse in, where is it
it's mostly in the left side of the engine compartment for toyota inside the fuse box
i replace the flasher fuse the car would not start why?
then must check the power in the relay terminal, there should be two terminals powered by battery voltage one should be always other with ignition on. if these check ups are find replace the flasher relay. still the problem is not solved do continuity test from the flasher down stream terminals to signal switch.
icat find the relay no wear wat should i do