Turn Signals on 1997 Ford Explorer

I just purchased this Explorer at a auction. Great looking and great running SUV. One problem, the owner's manual was not in it. The driver side turn signal does not work. Everytime I was go to signal to the left, I hear what you could consider a "buzz" from the area of the turn signal switch. Could this be telling me that a bulb is burnt out. I did the old trick of "bumping the switch" and the rear turn signal works, but not the front. Need your help to see if I need to replace the front bulb or the whole turn signal arm. Thanks!

by in Columbus, IN on October 14, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 15, 2009
Start by checking the bulb and the bulb socket for the left front turn signal, make sure the bulb is the correct type and that the bulb and socket are not burned.
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