Turn signals on 1991 GMC Sonoma

My turn signals won't flash, but the do turn on. I changed the flasher and nothing changed. I see that the hazard lights don't work at all. Does the hazard flasher need to be replaced as well, or maybe a short somewhere?

by in Hartford, SD on February 16, 2010
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ANSWER by on July 10, 2010
Sounds like you need to check your fuses. It sounds like one of them is out. Check the owners manual or a Haynes Repair manual for the proper type and size of amp needed for this.
ANSWER by on July 13, 2010
There are two fuses related to these functions. One will be located on the driver side fuse box panel located on the dash behind the drive side door. (This is not the fuse related to you problem). The other fuse will take a bit of labor to get to. This one is located to the left of the ash tray underneath the dash. You will need to remove the bolts and screws along the bottom of the dashboard to get to this. It will be a silvery cylinder shaped fuse. Chances are you'll see two and the one on the left controls the flashing attributes of your blinker and hazards. Replacing this should solve your issue.
ANSWER by on August 30, 2013
I had a problem with my 2000 Sonoma when the right parking light's would not work. It turned out after chasing wires that it was a bad ground. You should check all of your wiring since you never know what is rusted out to the point of no return. NCS
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