Chevrolet Aveo Problem Report

Chevrolet Aveo Turn Signal Switch May Fail and Cause Signals Not To Work

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The turn signal switch may fail causing the turn signals to stop working.

My turn signals don't work and no one can find the problem. Is there something either easy or hard to fix this? -
Turned blinker on and blinkers did not turn on. Push hazard button and lights do not turn on. Checked all fuses and replaced flasher relay, nothing worked. Still unsure how to fix. -
rear left turn signal and brake light don't work and the left turn signal indicator in the dash is crazy fast -
Turn signal not blinking, light just stays on -
Turn signals don't work. Interior lights don't work -
Turn signal and hazard lights stopped working. Replaced fuse but did not help. -
Turn signals starting going real fast then stopped working all together along with head and tail lights. Mechanic replaced relay but the wires then melted, not sure what to do, still in shop. Not a happy Chevy owner. -
Replaced headlight then it blew the fuse for the hazard flashers and the turn signals ( same fuse) replaced with the spare in the fuse box, but now the turn signals dont work! Still checking either a relay or a switch I think. -
blinkers flash really fast in front back wont work at all -
Went to my destination and when I turned the car on again to go home none of the turn signals worked and neither do the hazards. Around the same time my odometer started acting up and it will count the miles but when I shut off the car and turn it back on the miles go back to what they were. -
Turn signals don't work. Interior lights don't work -
put on new switch still don't work -
: Turn Signal Switch May Fail and Cause Signals Not To Work -
blinker light fail. Try to blink some time then fail. -
Right front turn signal not working. -
I just recently bought a used 2008 Aveo and the blinkers are not working, either. The "mom/pops" dealer told me that there was a recall on this issue and that some dealerships were repairing the problem for free. I've contacted multiple dealers locally and they say that it's not a free repair. Is it an official recall or just a common problem? -
I have a private mechanic and he had to do some fancy rewiring. The head light on one side and one rear brake light would stop for several days as well. -
at first they would work sometimes but know my turn signals don't work at all -
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