Pontiac Sunfire Problem Report

Pontiac Sunfire Turn Signal Switch May Fail and Cause Signals Not to Work

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The turn signal switch in the steering column may fail causing the turn signals not to work on one or both sides.

Turn signal switch stays on and does not blink -
i had a new turn signal switch installed a couple months ago and they put a new turn signal wire in and it worked great for about two months, now I drove to the shore three hours away from home and they don't work. brake light and hazards are not working as well. what is the problem and is there a QUICK FIX. THIS IS DANGEROUS AND NOT DRIVING WITH BRAKE LIGHTS -
The turn signal switch in the steering column may fail causing the turn signals not to work on one or both sides. -
my turn signal & hazards do not work -
It has happened. The way I fix it is I turn the 4 way flashers on and they suddenly work. Pontiac is KNOWN for electrical problems. -
Turn signals work off and on....just started doing this -
Started doing this sporadically, became increasingly regular. Will replace the switch. -
smoke came from the steering column and since then the bake lights do not work. have tried the brake light switch and that wasnt it. does anyone have any ideas? my next thing was the headlight swich. -
had to replace cobination switch and now the new one is doing the same thing. Unable to turn lights on unless you pull the switch forward. -
My turn signals will not work...will take to shop friday...any solution to repair prior to my appoinment..thanks in advance -
turn signals work sporadically. Replaced the flasher and did not fix, now going to replace the switch and hope that fixes it. -
The turn signals do not blink they just stay on dimly and buzzes...this is left or right.Hazard blinker lights work fine. -
right rear signal & brake light not working -
signal won't come on, bought new switch and worked for about 5 min. then it quit. -
turn signals turn on for a few seconds and the shut off while lever is still up or down -
My signal lights aren't working everything else works changed the flasher in fuse box changed my fuses is there another relay under the steering column -
Hazards work, but signal lights don't. Have replaced bulbs, flasher, and fuse -
there is a known problem with this that the turning lights will flash quickly and then cut out this has to do with the wiring in the steering column and is going to cost around 300.00 to repair does anyone know if they was a recall on this Can I still claim it? -
turn signal stop working -
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