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Chevrolet Malibu Abnormal Clicking Noise From Hazard/Turn Signal Flasher

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The turn signal switch may fail causing the hazard/turn signal flasher to continue to click even when the turn signal switch is off. Replacing the faulty turn signal switch will commonly correct this condition.

Clicking in center of dash seems to be from something to do with the turn signal/hazard flasher. Everything is normal when the turn signal or hazards are on, but clicks sporadically when not on. -
My 2002 Malibu LS recently started with the hazard button clicking noise. All signals work as normal, but when the signals are not in use, the clicking noise is random and highly irritating. -
Random relay clicking (stops when either the turn signal or hazard flashers are activated) in center of dash. I've been advised to replace the signal module. Really don't want to start swapping parts as that is a poor method of trouble shooting and also gets expensive. Was there a recall on this? If so what was the campaign number? -
2004 Malibu ... left and right turn signal and hazzard light wont come on .... the lights work fine -
A sudden and persistent 'clicking' of the relay located under the center of the dash presented itself.The clicking could be started and stopped temporarily by a very slight manipulation of the turn signal lever switch within its 'off' position which indicated a worn connection within the switch. Replacement parts vary in price. $90 at autozone (limited lifetime warranty) branded as "Duralast". These products are engineered and manufactured by Wells Vehicle Electronics. $134 at NAPA branded ECHLIN (3 year warranty) or $104 branded "Mileage Plus"(1 year warranty). O'Reilly had $99 branded BWD (Limited Lifetime). Examination of the parts did not reveal any noticeable quality variance between the parts but their is a subjective 'feel' or 'look' difference of the plastic parts. I chose the ECHLIN sold by NAPA based on my past experience with this brand. A great video tutorial on the R&R on YouTube can be found at which is from a parts company called 1A Autoparts. An easy in and out repair requiring just (1) 7mm socket wrench -
Hazard Clicking light continue to click even when the switch is off. I replaced the switch and it's still the same. -
The turn signal switch may fail causing the hazard/turn signal flasher to continue to click even when the turn signal switch is off. -
Continual (signal light) BEEPS, without having turn signal on... and comes and goes... i just disconnect it, because its very bothersome:/ -
Clicking noise like the flashers are on. Also occasional dinging as if the door was open and the left turn signal sometimes keeps going even after the blinker switch goes off. When the left turn signal keeps flashing, I start getting smoke coming out of the steering column. -
constant ticking -
Blinkers work intermedietly, work less often in summer. Looks as though someone tried to replace it before I owned the car, as the vent has been town out to get to the hazard switch. I will attempt to replace the switch as well and see if it works -
clicking noise seems like coming from the hazzard flasher button -
Clicking noise coming from the dashboard. It only clicks when it's off but works fine when you turn on the hazards or turn signal. Also, when in cruise control, by turning on the turn signal, the cruise control will just shut off. In the past, only pressing the CC off button or pushing the brake would cancel it. Bizarre! Too many malibu issues. Getting a honda next time. -
Just started clicking out of the blue researching it now to see how to fix it -
Clicking started when I turned with my signal, but when the signal was turned off it was still clicking. Clicking is fast and goes to normal when turn signal or hazards are on, also turns off when car is off. Very annoying! -
intermiten clicking sound coming from flasher getting aggravating -
when turning on the right turn signal it makes a clicking noise and blinks faster then normal. it has not been repaired to date. Also both sides of the front headlamps are burned from the flasher bulbs and need to be replaced. -
Hazard signal clicking in the dash when not on. Turn signals working sporatically. -
Mine started with the clicking noise and now the signal lights don't want to work at all. I got it fixed about a year ago and now its doing the same thing again. -
My Chevy Malibu is making a directional signal clicking noise and it is getting worse. If it starts to click continuousely then after about 6 miles I get a beeping sound but I don't see any red light indicators on my dashboad. My car was already on the ignition swithc recall and that was fixed; could this have anything to do with the ingnition as well. -
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