Chevrolet Tahoe Problem Report

Chevrolet Tahoe Clicking Noise From Flasher When Turn Signals are Off

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A clicking noise may be noted from the turn signal flasher after the turn signals are switched off.  This is commonly cause by a faulty turn signal switch which will require replacement.

blinker relay will not stop clicking even when blinkers aren't in use. -
Electrical problem when using turn signals, it varies on which turn signal is going work or not, sometimes when I switch turn signal on the flashers come on instead of blinker, also making a clicking sound -
Flasher Relay "clicks" when signals not on. -
Blinker noise comes on & goes off randomly, but not the blinkers. However, the blinkers do still work correctly when needed. Have not found a solution yet, but sounds like a relay or switch replacement is in order. -
Blinker noise -
turn signal switch makes noise even when signals are not on. -
blinker clicking noise randomly continues or comes on when blinkers are not activated. Also electrical buzzing noise from column periodically. -
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