turn signal stops working on 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

my left front turn signal stops working and then sometimes starts working. Have replace bulb even though i dont think that is what it is but eventually it will stop working again and then after a few days it will start working again. All other turn signals work fine.

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seems like a wiring issue at the bulb seen it alot thanks if u need help give us a call
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Go to the nearest auto place in your neighborhood and asked for some bulb grease. Once you remove the bulb from the chamber, put the bulb grease on the chamber and on the end of the bulb that goes back in the chamber. This will fix the problem immediately. Moister is getting into the chamber which is causing your bulb to constantly go out. Always use bulb grease when changing all of your bulbs. Since I have been using bulb grease, I have not had any prblems with my signals going out. Hopefully this was helpful information.