turn signal shorting out on 1990 BMW 325i

my turn signal works sometimes i dunno if my switch is going out or if it something else but when i hit the steering will it will blink sometimes it will work then sometimes it dont work at all but it works every time i flip the switch and bang on the steering one blink per bang my hand is starting to hurt help please

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Remove your rear signal light assembly (accessible in the trunk). Remove the wire harness plug and check for any visible burn marks. The wiring in the harness may have been shorted to cause intermittent signal problems.
Hello, I tried what you posted and can see burn. What do I need to replace to fix this at this point?
I have the same problem with wire burns. Anyone know how to fix??
It most cases any burn wires or connectors should be replaced as necessary. You may need to check with BMW in order to see exactly what parts are available to make the repairs.
I just had this fixed at a local mechanic and he charged me $102 to fix including materials.
On mine, it was the ground wire that was burned out on both rear light assemblies. Splice in a new bit or wire, add a blade connector and slide it onto the tab built into the metal frame of the light assembly.
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There is a good possibility the fault lies within your turn signal switch. Please have this issue diagnosed by a qualified technician before replacing parts.
change the relay switch which is under your steering wheel.