Turn signal problem on 2003 Honda Accord

My left turn signal works fine- the right signal does not work at all- neither bulb lights/ replacing bulbs didn't work/ fuse tested good. The flashers also only work on the left side. Could this be a turn signal switch problem or should I look for something else to be the cause?

by in Hauppauge, NY on January 06, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on January 07, 2010
A wiring diagram and a good multimeter is always a good place to start. Once you determine how the circuit works you can make a diagnostic plan to find the problem.
ANSWER by on October 06, 2012
Put the turn signal switch in the neutral position meaning in the off position.now turn your 4 way (hazard)flasher on if all 4 turn signal lignts work replace faulty turn signal switch.
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