1990 Chrysler New Yorker Q&A

1990 Chrysler New Yorker Question: Turn signal lights do not work. Brake lights do not work. fuses and bulbs good

The center tail light works fine. I can't seem to find the flasher -
Answer 1
Most likely the turn signal switch is your problem for ALL of this, even the brake lights!!! Flasher dosen't affect brake lights, signal switch does! -
Comment 1
I will tear the column apart and see what's up -
Comment 2
Check the four way flashers to see if they work first. If they work then no doubt about the wiring or bulb circuits. Post the results so others may benefit, whatever the outcome. Good luck, hope you get it fixed! -
Comment 3
I haven't gotten into it yet but the 4 Way flashers do not work! -
Comment 4
Check for battery voltage at the brake light switch next! If no voltage there on either wire, recheck fuses with a test light to be SURE you didn't miss one that is bad! If there IS battery voltage at the brake light switch, push pedal to see if voltage at both wires then, if so you still have a signal switch problem. One more thing, does anything work that is controlled by the combination/signal switch like the wipers? -
Comment 5
All wiper functions work properly. -
Comment 6
Ok, just wanted to be sure the wire harness going to the switch was still intact. I still think the combo or sig light is your trouble. Good luck with the repair! -