Turn Signal comes on with Brakes on 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Recently the right front turn signal comes on (does not blink) when I hit the brakes. Signals work OK when not braking ... what is going on or where do I look?

by in Lebanon, OH on February 02, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 02, 2011
either a bad bulb or a bad ground at the socket. carefully inspect the socket for corrosion and that the bulb fits tightly. Roy
COMMENT by on February 03, 2011
I had already done this; no change. I found the problem - the previous owner had installed a trailer hitch (DrawTite) with a connection into the brake and turn signals. This connector block had arced to ground and fried a circuit board, plus much of the insulation had gotten brittle and come off the wires. Removed from circut - problem solved!
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and stay solid. When using the right turn signal they both work fine till you press the brake then the both turn solid. There is no problem with the driver side or left turn signal lights

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