Turn signal clicking noise stays on constantly on 1998 GMC Jimmy

My right and left turn signals work on the outside and they flash on the inside. However when the turn is completed the clicking noise continues. Sometimes when I brake it stops the clicking but often it doesn't. I've checked the fuses and replaced some but it continues and is driving me nuts. Why is this happening?

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It sounds like your turn signal flasher is still energized for some reason. Make sure that your Emergency flasher button is not accidentally turned on. ( I do this on occasion when I mail a letter at the post office ) A quick and inexpensive thing to try would be to try a new flasher. If this does not work, then I would do an inspection of your turn signal switch with a schematic, which can be attained at They charge about $16 for 1 year of access to all repair info for your Jimmy.
my 2002 buick park ave left turn signal light stays on when i cut my car off.T he signal light inside the car stays on also and does not blink. What could be the problem
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The Same thing happened to me. Tried replacing the flasher but that was no help. Turned out the switch itself was bad. All the contacts inside were worn down. had to replace the switch.
2004 grand am turn signals make an intermitent clicking noise .mechanic gave estimate of $200.tormove the turn signal arm and replace the switch.
I have had similar problems on a number a different vehicles, most recently a 1991 Honda Accord. I thought it was the flasher at first, replaced it, no improvement. I removed the switch, took it apart, cleaned the contacts, put it back together, problem solved. Of course if the contacts had been completely worn down I wouldn't have been able to do this and would have had to replace the switch. If you know how to do this stuff yourself a junkyard switch can save you a lot of money over a new one. Of course if you don't know how to do it yourself and have to pay someone to do it you would be better off with a new part that has a warranty than risking a used part that might not work.
Had the same problem, replaced the flasher relay which didnt fix it...but then i noticed that a daytime lamp's socket was burned out, I replaced it because this was the most likely reason for the short circuit which caused the turning noise. Sure enough once I did and put a new bulb in the ticking total spent about 50 bucks for the flasher and socket.