Turn signal blinks just a few times on 2003 Lincoln Navigator

Tried a new fuse and relay, both in the compartment to the right of the passenger seat, under the dash. No luck.
All bulbs flash fine when I turn on the hazards.
Is there another fuse box?

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Possible signal light flasher problem.
Where do you change that?
The fuse box behind the right kick panel is where the circuits are powered for the exterior lights. Possible multifunction switch problem. It's in the auxiliary relay box #3 behind the left side of the dash. The signal flasher and hazard flasher are one in the same, that's why I mentioned the multifunction switch, but no you didn't want to talk to me, so that's all you get.
professor G, I will talk to you. I am having a similar issue with my 2000 Navigator turn signals. Can you expand on your explanation?