1996 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Q&A

1996 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Question: turn over/ no start

i did a tune up,coil pack,dist.,cap&rotor,o2-sensor,thermosat and heat temp sensor.it ran good for 2 days and then started all over again. it would run, then kill. sometimes it would restart sometimes it would not. -
Answer 1
sound to be crank sensor very common on this motor with your issues located on back of engine between motor and trans -
Comment 1
how can you tell if the crank sensor is bad ?can you use a ohm meter? -
Answer 2
What was it please help Why will no one help what is no bus my van died had crank shaft sens and computer replaced tolk to mechanic had scoped says need new computer can't afford to keep doning this what is wrong with my van so many post same problem but no definitive answers please help -
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