Turn on AC and caused Engine shutdown on Kia Forte

Average mileage: 42,000 (42,000–42,000)
1 model year affected: 2010
2 people reported this problem
1 person shared problem details
Last weekend when i drive my car to Pavilion parking bay, the engine suddenly shutdown while i am looking for car parking lot. This is my first experience since i bought the car. I attempt to re-start engine by pushing the push start button and the engine able to start back, however when i go ahead to turn the AC again, the engine will shut down immediately. I got no choice and need to drive my car w/o AC. I tried to send my car to Naza kia service center in Puchong, unfortunately the service center might be closed for a week for Raya Hari and Nasional day. what the bad day !! I am highly suspecting the AC compressor jam and cause engine to shut down. I started to worry on kia forte part reliability issue, by looking for age of the car, it seen like getting more and more part premature failed issue. Pls share any experience premature failure of AC compressor.
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