Turk is lacking power and hisitation when traveling down the road. on 2002 Toyota Tacoma

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Already changed the plugs with Toyota parts and had the system scaned by a machnic. I do have the engine light on showing 02 sensor is bad. Could this be causing the lack of power and hisitation ?
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yes but it may be the 02 sensor circuit and not the o2 itself. have it diag as not to waste money.what code do you have?
I have two, one before the Cat and one After...That I Can See. Test Showed a P1135. I cleaned the Mass Air Flow Sensor and took it out for a drive. It hisitated as i took off but a after a while it seemed to go away. Not sure if that solved the problem but I need to test drive it again tomorrow and check it out. Looked inside the MAS and could see one of the wire that seemed to be burned.
Change the 02 sensor first. You should have two of them but change the down stream one first its the easiest ..This thing cost $100.00 and can rob you of fuel and power. very easy to change on your own. You can find it on YOU Tube. After changeing it ,unplug the battery or unplug it first.(recomended)
The light should go out after you change it and hooked the battery back up..
Well, the hisitation is still there but not as bad. I am going to order the new O2 sensor. Like you said and I found one for $100.00 on Amazon. I will post a Feed Back as soon as I get it in and change it out. Will a bad O2 sensor also cause a hisitation as well ???
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