Turbo Oiling on 2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty

I replaced the turbo 7,000 miles ago and I was wondering if these had any known oiling problems because the new turbo is now making noise and leaking oil out the exhaust again. I am savvy to mechanics and do all my own work. replaced pedestal O-rings. This is a pretty straight forward job to do so I can't see anything I did wrong. This question is to cover my Butt for warranty on Turbo.


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have not seen a oil loss problem with this turbo, but have seen rebuilt turbos fail before so it does happen.
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did you replace turbo oil feed line? it may have a blockage inside causing lack of oil to turbo.
No oil line on these. The oil comes up through the back of the block through the pedestal into the turbo galley.
if its blowing oil out exhaust, it is internal seal in turbo. turbo has to be replaced. to verify, pull down pipe off turbo. if oily inside turbo, seal bad.
From your post you don't appear to be a rookie. Go to this website and spend the $26.95 for the year to get any factory info, including Technical Service Bulletins. This info is the same info Professional Auto Repair Shops have to pay $200 and up a month for.
Mrfordman and Greg do know what they are talking about.
Yea Parts Guy I'm no rookie. I'm 58 years old and do all my own work. including pulling the engine and replacing #5 piston, all 8 rod bearings, remanned heads and injectors, hpop, rebuilt original turbo 350000 miles ago, trannies, etc. But that don't mean I know everything. I want to thank everybody for the help!!!
Forgot to say this old work truck has 851000 on it now.

those motors live forever,hope you found us helpful
I'll take a 7.3 over this new s*#@t anyday!
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Greg you are a very funny man.
ty im glad you see that in me. lol
Well Everybody, Again I thank ya. I got em to at least admit that the turbo was the problem but not until they had me take it clear apart and send them picture after picture after picture and then they decided that the housing was ok and they are just sending the guts ie compressor side and exhaust so I can reuse the exhaust housings. So with that let this be a lesson, Don't buy from JM Turbo. Yea the turbo was $400 but what crap.

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