turbo give out on 2004 Volkswagen Passat

I was leaving a parking lot last night when my car got real loud and then stalled. (not good on a major highway). Its a 5 speed. I had to restart the car 2 or 3 times, before it would stay running. It no longer has the pick up of the turbo, but it does get loud when stressed. Did my turbo blow? Also, when my husband looked under the car, the left cv boot had oil on it. Think that leaks?

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It is not the CV boot that your husband meant, he probably meant to say the air intake boot. If the air intake boot has lots of oil in it you may indeed have a turbo problem, Check the engine oil level insure it is not over full. Ensure all the intake manifold induction boots are firmly secured. Has your Check Engine Light come on?
A torn half shaft boot will not cause a turbo problem.
Could the half shaft have broken causing the vehicle to become unable to send power from the gearbox to the driven wheels? If this were so the CV boot may indeed be ripped.
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Is your Passat equipped with the 1.8 Turbo motor ?
If so check your oil level and oil pressure. An engine with low oil pressure becomes "loud" and may seize. It may restart , however the turbo itself could expire , causing a "no pick up" sensation.
The reason I mention this is it is not an uncommon failure in this motor.
The root problem revolves around the oil supply pick up becoming blocked with sludge.