Turbo and driveshaft need replacing. Is it worth it? on 2002 Volvo V70 XC

Just had the turbo quit and strand me in the armpit of NJ on the 23rd. Towed it home to upstate NY. 2 days after passing inspection and having $600 in repairs + inspection for broken tie rods and something else. Now it needs Turbo replaced and driveshaft. Is this really worth it or do I scrap it? Already has a rebuilt tranny. That died at age 5 just under warranty! Now the car had about 145K on it. Will it live long enough to make this worthwhile? Altogether the repairs will run me around $2000-2500 with used parts.

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what is the value of the car fixed and do you own it? are you able to afford a new car at this time? 150k miles is alot and if repair exceeds value of car maybe you do need to move on
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