tune up problems on 2005 Kia Sedona

did a tuneup on my vehicle now it won't stay running also won't go past 3 grand everything is connect what I do wrong

by in Killeen, TX on March 30, 2011
0 answers
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what is required for this tune up and how much does it cost?
When I turn a corner it goes completely off everything. First said I needed tune up ($900.00) with belts, oil change. Then brakes, ($350.00)talked about a cross over now it is doing it again and t...
Hi i was wondering how much will a tune up cost for the van after 100,000 miles and do i have to take it in to a dealer mechanic to have it done or can a regular mechanic do it.
this happened before and thought there was something dropped in the motor. changed motor & now that a tune ups been done on this motor, same problem.
had a neighbor say he could do wheel-bearing job for $375.00

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