1998 Toyota Avalon Q&A

1998 Toyota Avalon Question: tune up information

How technical is it to tune up a avalon, can you change wires and plugs only or do the coils have to be changed too. -
Answer 1
You should replace the spark plugs at the interval recommended by Toyota (60,000 miles), and you can replace the wires at the same time, the coils only need to be replaced if they are bad. Are you having an issue that makes you want to replace these items? -
Comment 1
A dealer told me to that I needed a tune up because I am wearing out catalytic converters, and would not warranty it unless I had a tune up. -
Comment 2
How many miles do you have on the vehicle? Have you had any check engine lights coming on? -
Answer 2
People neglect valve adjustment on the Avalon, it has shim adjusted valves, the air flow meter fails and get lazy effecting fuel trim (sometimes sets code for multiply engine misfire on this car), and finally lazy O2 sensor/air-fuel ratio sensors can shorten catalytic converter life on the Avalon. -
Answer 3
You can usaly tell if you have a cat problem by the smell as well , if it smells kind like roten eggs of such then you probly have a cat going bad. If you were having a misfire going on and a tune up does not solve it there could be a control module or coil prbloem. -