Tune up car has 150,000 k on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

What parts are necessary for a tune up and what is the cost?

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our shop charges 99 for plugs and labor. if it need wires, the wires are 30 and .5 hours in labor.

where are you located, i have never seen this low price from any one,,how much is labor per hour
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You can check prices here and choose spark plug replace because the only tune up parts are Air filter, Spark Plugs and Ignition wires Napa has these Belden plug wires and they are top quality, But what about the Timing Belt has it been replaced? If not it needs to be done ASAP
The timing belt was changed about 2o,ooo miles ago when it broke. I didn't ask my question right. I meant to ask about how much should a repair shop charge to do a tune up?
Click on the estimator link put in your info and choose spark plug replace, As this and the spark plug wires are the tune up and add the new air filter if yours needs replacement. Modern cars don't have all the ignition parts like the older models