Tune Up on 2001 Hyundai XG300

My 2001 Hyundai XG 300 immediately after a tune up runs rough and cel is on so i had it scanned it had a random multi missfire fault,egr valve insuffient flow and the car stalls and cuts off at stop light sometimes now but it didnt do any of this before the tune up these are all the new parts that have been put on new bosch platinum plugs,plug wires,air filter,Egr valve,New timing belt,idler pulley,tensioner,new serpentine belt,new PCV valve and new crank sensor. I just recently seen on another site that i cant use bosch plugs is that true could that be the problem?i can just use NGK or Champion plugs please confirm

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why did you take it for a tune up to start with?? was there an issue or light??

There were no issue before the tune up. i just felt it was time for the work
sounds like a combo of things. a failing plug or coil, a vaccuum leak among starters. i believe you need to return to the shop and have them re check there work. something is not right when you come in for maintenance and come out with problems.

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Might want to return the car to the shop that did the tune-up and discuss the problems you've had since it was done.