tune-up on 2004 Saturn Vue

what parts do i need for a tune-up

by in Ewing, NJ on February 04, 2011
0 answers
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I have a 2003 4 cylinder, manual trans, 116k miles. for the most part, been a good vehicle. as of late it idles very roughly. it has had a tune up and a fuel filter replacement, still not gett...
...e up. I am being quoted 600-700 bucks but no one can tell me why it is so friggen expensive!! Spark plugs $14 a piece, air filter $40...i checked on these things...what am I missing here?
I need to find out where the old oil come out from like other cars from the bottom and where the boots ans spark plugs are..... PLEASE HELP
I hear a noise under the hood on the driver side - something between a squeak and a rubbing noise - and it only happens when I go over a bump in the road or other uneven surface. Otherwise - my Vue...

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