tune up on 2000 Ford Taurus

what does ford taurus tune up composed of parts and how much does the labor cost do i need fuel ejection clean up my ford has 74000 on it thanks lou

by in Port Orange, FL on September 01, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 01, 2010
A tune up would be change the spark plugs, and fuel and air filter, plug in a scan tool check for pending fault codes. look at fuel trim figures and just ensure from scan tool data that the engine is performing properly. I would always change the engine oil and filter although not technically part of a tune up. Your car's engine has hydraulically adjusted valves so they do not need to be adjusted. Some service centers push for a fuel injection system flush but if the emission figures are good, fuel trim figures are good and you have no drivability issues I would just put two bottles of high concentration fuel injection cleaner in the tank.
COMMENT by on September 01, 2010
so ill tell them dont do the ejectors the car runs quite thanks
ANSWER by on September 01, 2010
on a dohc engine you have to remove the intake to access the rear plugs,so I would suggest replacing the intake o-rings while you are getting that done.if the labor is a little inflated,this is the reason why.
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